Woodcock Limited

Founded in 2003, Woodcock Limited is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the welfare of the American woodcock. The group works with local, state, and national organizations and agencies to create, restore, and maintain the young forest habitat that provides cover and food for woodcock and many other kinds of wildlife. Woodcock Limited participates in habitat and species research and supports the development and use of educational materials to increase public awareness and understanding of the American woodcock and its habitat needs.

Woodcock Limited focuses on creating a mosaic of sustainable habitat for both resident woodcock populations and woodcock during their spring and fall migrations. Over 60 additional wild species benefit from this work, including ruffed grouse, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, golden-winged warbler, and white-tailed deer. As a relatively new conservation organization, Woodcock Limited has a need for new members and is looking to form new chapters in states and provinces within the migratory corridors of the woodcock. The organization currently has chapters in New England, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Louisiana, with more states working toward establishing chapters.